Selling Clothes on Vinted!!


           Neon yellow summer of love tank- gold rhinestone "love" size- small

Hey Ladies!

I just wanted to let you know my sister and I started selling items on Vinted.  Most sizes are extra smalls, smalls and mediums, new and gently used condition items ! Check out Bella’s Closet on Vinted and follow us! New items are added daily!

For those of you that have never heard of Vinted, it’s an amazing site that allows you to browse through other girl’s closets and buy what you like!  You can even sell/ swap your own clothing! It gives you a chance to change up your wardrobe for a very low price!

Show some love and check us out—-     When we hit 100 followers on Vintage we will be gifting items!!! 😀 Yes, gifting items! So please check the site out and be sure to follow : Bellascloset

Birthday Fun :) Greystone Mansion/ Los Alamitos Horse Track

Fun on my Birthday!

My Birthday was last weekend and  I had a lovely time with my boyfriend in LA.  First we visited Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills.  I want to thank KIKIMAC for her blog on Greystone Mansion because that is where I first learned about this fabulous place.   This is also where my favorite movie of all time was filmed, Death Becomes Her which starred Goldie Hawn and Meryl Streep.  After exploring the grounds of this mansion in the hills we drove to the Los Alamitos horse track.  There my boyfriend wined and dined me.  After dinner we placed bets, watched the horse race, and met the jockeys.  On Sunday I celebrated with my family at a local restaurant for dinner. Please click on the photos to enlarge.  Enjoy 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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Off to the Horse Races …..

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Day 3: Epcot Vacation


Let me start off by saying Epcot was amazing, far better than I had imagined.  The architecture portrayed in each different country was beautiful.  I had such a fun time exploring with my boyfriend.   Of course it did rain, but it wasn’t as bad as the previous day spent at Magical Kingdom. I hope you enjoy the following pictures from my vacation. 😀

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Back from Vacation Day 2 : Magical Kingdom

Magical Kingdom

On day 2 my boyfriend and I woke up early to go to the Magical Kingdom.  Our hotel had a shuttle that left at 7: 45 am so we hurried to board the bus.   Our hotel also had continental breakfast, but sadly I didn’t have time to eat the first day.  We stayed up late the night before walking around in the rain at Downtown Disney so it was hard to wake up early.   Without further ado here are pictures from my vacation at the Magical Kingdom.  Enjoy.  Of course, it rained again so many of the pictures have an overcast 😦

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Getting ready at the hotel

Camera 360



We arrived at Magical Kingdom right when it opened and watched the opening performance.


First stop Starbucks and I was fueled for the day.  It looks like a coke but I ordered an iced coffee.






Fantasyland- Belle’s cottage


Prince Eric’s castle



When it started raining people put on their ponchos and began dancing lol

Back from Florida: Day 1- I-Drive/ Downtown Disney Pleasure Island

Hey everyone,

So I really wanted to post pictures of my outfits before I left on vacation, but I didn’t get a chance.   There were so many things going on that week.  I’ve decided to  just  get to it and post pictures of my first day on vacation In Orlando, Florida sightseeing at I-drive and Disney World’s Pleasure Island! First day we landed in Orlando, Florida and it rained 😦  My boyfriend and I still pushed through and went sightseeing anyway.

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People started to run for cover!!!!!